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Programs and code snippets listed on this page are licensed under the GNU General Public License and may be used and shared freely.

choosestyle.php - Grant Root - 3/10/03

This snippet of code demonstrates how to choose and link to an appropriate stylesheet for a site based on the user agent (browser). It uses PHP's get_browser function, and caches the resultant data using a session variable so that the function is not called for every page access.

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docsecure.php - Grant Root - 12/2/04

This snippet of code demonstrates how to secure a collection of documents by assigning a PHP program as a "handler" for a file type in Apache. Could also be used to do other processing, such as adding special headers or logging access to documents. It requires the mod_action Apache module and some setup in the Apache config file or in .htaccess.

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weatherbox.php - Grant Root - 1/15/06

This routine builds a "weatherbox" display suitable for inclusion in the side bar of a web page. It accepts a zip code from a user, looks it up at the Weather Underground site, and obtains a locality path such as "US/OH/Dayton". This locality is then stored as a cookie on the user's system.

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