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SBC Backup Server Talk Posted


The slides for my talk on "SBC Backup Server" are online here.

BeagleBone Black Talk Posted


The slides for my talk on "Intro to BeagleBone Black" are online here.

Cloud Backup Talk Posted


The slides for my talk on "Some Thoughts on Cloud Backup for Linux and Windows" are online here.

"Building the Web 2012" Slides Posted


I gave a talk at the DMA main meeting on 1/31/12, called "Building the Web in 2012". The slides are available in LibreOffice Impress and Adobe Reader formats.

Server Hard Drives Upgraded


At long last I have managed to upgrade the mirrored 2GB hard drives the web server was running on. With the new 40GB drives I'll have plenty of room for photos, music, etc. Yay!

Ubuntu Linux Talk Posted


I've posted the slides from my presentation at the May DMA meeting. The topic is "Ubuntu Linux". Formats available: (OO.o Impress, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML).

PHP and MySQL Upgrades


I upgraded my Debian sarge web server to PHP 5.05 and MySQL 4.1 last night.

Not really very difficult. I followed some procedures in my "Upgrading to PHP5" book, but most of the tricky stuff was taken care of for me by the Debian packages. The PHP 5 package was a backport I got at www.dotdeb.org, since Debian doesn't have it in either stable or testing. (If anyone wants to see details, let me know.)

Computerfest Talks Posted


I've posted the slides from my presentations at Fall Computerfest 2005. The topics are "Getting Started with PHP" (Impress, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML) and "Building a Home Web Server" (Impress, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML).

Server Memory Upgrades


I finally got around to upgrading the memory on the web server and firewall. The web server is a PII/266, and went from 160MB to 288MB. The firewall box (running SmoothWall) is a P/120, and from a starved 24MB I took it up to 144MB.

All of this was courtesy of cheap used memory I picked up at the Dayton Hamvention.

Linux SIG Sign-up for Cfest


If you're looking for the sign-up schedule for the Linux SIG booth at Computerfest, it's here. To sign up, e-mail me and tell me what times you're available.

Backups are Working!


After many months, I've got the disaster recovery backup working on the web server again. Now I just need to remember to do it once a week or so.

For those who are interested, the package I'm using is a very nice one called Mondo Rescue.

Server Drives Mirrored


Last night I finally got around to setting up software RAID level 1, or disk mirroring, on the web server. That means an additional layer of protection for our photo gallery and other data, in case a hard disk goes bad.

Computerfest Talk Is Up


Thanks for your patience -- the slides from my Computerfest talk on "Building a Home Web Server" are now online. You can view them in OpenOffice.org, PowerPoint or HTML formats.

Presentation Slides are On Their Way


If you're looking for the slides to my "Building a Home Web Server" talk that I gave at Computerfest on 8/23 and 8/24, please check back in a day or two. I'll get them posted as soon as I have a couple of spare minutes to rub together. :-)

Webmail Mail is Up -- Again!


The webmail system is back, and better than ever! We're using version 1.4 of SquirrelMail, with numerous cool plugin modules. Family members, contact me if you want a webmail account.

New Web Server Up -- At Last!


For no particular reason, I went several months without switching to the nice new web server box. Oh, well -- it's up now! You should notice the most difference in uploading photos to the gallery.

Testing New Web Server


The new server PC is set up, and I tested my disaster recovery procedure by restoring a backup to the new machine. There were a few bumps, but everything restored OK, and now I have a complete working web server to test. Simple benchmarks show that the new server is about six times as fast as the current one at resizing photos. After a couple more days, I'll switch Root Central to the new box.

New Server Hardware


Computerfest was this past weekend, and I picked up the new web server box I was looking for. Just a Pentium II / 266, but it has 160 MB of RAM and I got it for a song. It should be at least five times as fast as the current server at resizing pictures when you upload them to the photo gallery (hint, hint).

Grant's Personal Page


Well, I finally got around to updating my old personal page and posting it to the new site. When I get around to it, I'll probably put up an online résumé again.

Style Problem Fixed


I've now fixed a stylesheet problem that was bugging me for a while. Because Internet Explorer didn't support font sizes associated with the <body> tag until v6, the site looked quite different in IE 5 and previous than it did in fully CSS-compliant browsers. (The fonts were all too large.)

I'm now checking the browser type and sending different stylesheets accordingly. Kludgy, but it works!

Added Code Downloads Page


I've just added the Code To Go section, for downloads of Open Source programs and code snippets. SourceForge it ain't, but if anyone wants a place to distribute some useful code, let me know.

Search Page Added


I've now added a page listing some of the most useful search engines. Try these any time you need to find something on the web.

New Weather Display


I just added the little weather display in the left side of the page, below the menu. Enter your local zip code to activate it.

If the setting doesn't "stick," check your security settings. You must have cookies enabled in your browser for this to work.

When I get a chance, I'll try to add more than just the temperature to the display.

Please Stand By...


If you've experienced slow response from the site over the last few days, or it has been unavailable for short periods, please bear with us. We are testing backup / disaster recovery procedures, so that we can ensure that data (such as your photos!) doesn't get lost in the event of a hardware failure or other problem.

Photo Gallery Back Online!


The Root Central photo gallery is now available again. We hope you enjoy our family's photo collection!

Family members, please contact me if you want your own album for sharing your photos.

We're baaaack!


As you can see, the web server is back up and running. Expect the photo gallery to re-appear in the next day or so.

Who needs sleep, anyway? :-)

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